4 thoughts on “Online : OpenGL Workshop for beginners Part II”

  1. Hi,
    Big thanks to you for these helpful and fantastic tutorials.
    My question is about performance. I need to draw more than 1,000,000 curves (I use gl_lines_strip ), each curve involves more than 500 lines ! so in total we draw 500,000,000 vertex.
    The problem:
    Actually, we do not need to draw all the vertices! We need to draw some curves based on special filters (by length or curvature for example).
    We solve this issue by:
    1-We filter the date on the CPU then send the result to GPU to render them (We use glBufferData, glBufferSubData).
    2-we send All the 500,000,000 vertex to the GPU once and then we use glBlend to interactively hide curves that do not fulfil our criteria.

    Based on your experience, which of these approach is considered a good one? Could you suggest other solution for this particular issue please?


    1. Hi Nai,

      thats sounds interesting !
      But i would need a few more information.
      e.g. how often the data chnages and some other stuff.
      we may skype about this one if you like.
      my skype: uwi2k2


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