Published : 013 – Proof of life & some simple tricks

I just published a new Episode in my OpenGL & Vulkan Podcast:

013 – Proof of life & some simple tricks

I am sorry for my long absence, but thanx to you and all your positive feedback i finally found the time to get the podcast up again.

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In this episode i talk about reflections, selecting objects in a 3d scene, getting from 2d screen coordinates to 3d world coordinates , pitfalls when it comes to shader coding, and the draw call #1 rule.
I invite you to send me some requests on topics you like to here .

One thought on “Published : 013 – Proof of life & some simple tricks”

  1. Hi!

    That was a fast response. I guess you must be fully parallelized and optimised! :√)

    Topic requests:
    * I’d really like to hear about the laybof the land when it comes to the Linux graphics stack: Mesa, Gallium, X, Wayland, …; you might be a Windows guy, but I bet you know than me!
    * Using OpenGL for 2D! I’ve read that 2D libraries are built on OpenGL anyway, so why not just use OpenGL. What tricks can be employed for 2D?
    * Related to the above, what about special cases of 3D? Isometric, for instance.
    …I’m sue there’s plenty you could talk about otherwise that would be interesting to hear. Some stuff I don’t even know what to ask yet! Once I have a go I may have more.

    Keep up the stellar work!


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