VULKAN is here …

Hi all,Vulkan

finally VILKAN API is here and public.

I was able to take some sneak prevs. as i was a member of the `Vulkan Advisory Panel`. But now its here for us all.

VULKAN Trainer
I launched my Page for VULKAN training´s:

I am the brand new Chapter Leader of the Khronos Chapters in ‘ North-West’ Germany ( Rhein-Ruhr : )
and in Romania ( Cluje-Napoca: ).
Watch out for upcoming events soon !!

New OpenGL & VULKAN Podcast

Hi everybody,

i just started a new Podcast on OpenGL & Vulkan to give you something to listen to when you are on the road. I will cover Topics from beginners to advanced Users.


Following Topic i will try to cover:
– OpenGL in general,
– OpenGL ES,
– WebGL,
– Shaders,
– The Render Pipeline,
– Vulkan API,
– OpenCL,
– …
and many more.

Find it on iTunes:

Use RSS Podcast link: