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Free WebGL Online Workshop for Beinners - Part I

I will offer a free WebGL Online Workshop for Beinners in
November 2016.

02.11.2016 - from 14:00 GMT +02:00
( in -567 Days : -22 Hours : -47 Min. )

2 to 3 hours

I will give a basic Introduction to WebGL for People that just get started.
- Set up HTML-3D-Canvas
- WebGL in JS
- Shaders
- simple Geometry

Workshop will be in english.
You should have basic knowledge of Programming, best JS and HTML.
I will do the Workshop in a Skype Group Call, so you only need Skype or a modern Browser.
You donĀ“t really need to register, but submit you E-Mail to me so i can invite you to the Skype Call.

Fell free to give me Feedback or Topic requests for the Workshop.

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